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You must have clicked a link on a bad web site. Or maybe you were searching for some combination of offensive terms and Google sent you here without any warning. This site was classified as pr0n to a web filtering company and I appealed saying that it was a parody site, not a pr0n site. They bough it! Suckers!

Negative Capability #5 has gotten some reviews that are worth mentioning, so I am going to mention some of them, but you can read them all here. I have recently updated the entire site, making improvements throughout based on evolving technology. For instance, on long stories, I added a button to the lower-right corner below the story so you can easily jump back to the top. You may not notice the changes, but they are there, ask Google's army of web robots. I still have a lot of links to add and a lot of other content to post but it's finally at a place where I can't find any mistakes, so that means it's time to publish.

This zine is a "perzine" or "personal zine," meaning that all of the content, pictures and design are the work of one person, me. It also is used to refer to the fact that the stories, essays, fiction, photography and ideas are from me and about me. You might think that sounds like a blog, but the main differences are that this is a printed medium adapted to the web, not the other way around, and this doesn't suck, like most blogs do. So, don't think of this as a funny web site, think of this as the web complement to a funny printed zine. I know print is dying on the vine, but I have always been known to buck the trends and fuck the friends, if you know what I mean.

All prices are to addresses in the US only and include shipping. You can purchase a package of PDFs of the new issue in full color for just $1, if you prefer to consume media on a computer or tablet. Additionally, if you purchase the new issue on paper, you get 50% off all back issues, but act now because when I get down to the last 50 of each, they are going up in price. With scarcity comes demand, they say.
If you've never been here before, you should probably start with the Manifesto from #1. If you are an old fan, you should probably go right to a hidden page which is a gallery of lovely tit shows.

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