A paper zine for people who hate people.

Who Helped With This?

Everything in this zine was written, designed, photographed and digitally manipulated by Jøsh Saitz, except for the Maxi-Rant™, which was shouted by my wife and “The Only Good Job is a Blowjob,” which was lived and written by the one and only John Lewis Dickstein and edited by Jøsh.

The cover was conceived and digitally enhanced by Jøsh but photographed by the incredibly talented Garett Holden. The G man also shot the back cover, “Dashing Political Aspirations,” in his hip apartment and he also designed the OCD Infinity logo after months of prodding. He’s going to break tradition with my previous contributors and remain my friend.

We had help with the cover from Peter Lopez of the infamous peterlopez.com, Peter’s sister Virginia, and her husband Harris, who acted as Fire Marshal. Peter and I burned the flag while Virginia kept her eyes out for neighbors and Harris stood by with the fire extinguisher.

The picture of my feet for “Dead to Me” was taken in my office by the lovely and talented Sara Zamor and I would like to thank her for indulging me and my silly ideas. I also have say thanks for Madison, the cutest baby in the world!

Superpal Katie Kretschmer was our guest proofreader but all the mistakes you read were mine. She proofed the whole thing twice and then I continued to work on it and edit it for another 10 months or so.

Clint Johns at Tower Records is a cool fucking guy and has been an emotional and financial supporter of this zine since the very beginning, so he has helped in less obvious, but equally significant ways. He is also one of the few zine distros who not only pays, but pays on time, making this project much less of a money pit than it could have been.

Finally, and most importantly, I have to thank my wife. She motivates me to keep growing and making myself better. She's the best.

Thanks to everyone!