A paper zine for people who hate people.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

(Mad Props, Big Ups, Yo Yo Yo, Top of the Food Chain)

I’d like to recommend the following things because they are near and dear to me and I want to help those who matter most. Thanks to: Robyn Hitchcock and Bill Hicks, for making noble failure cool. Musical soundtrack provided by: Beck, Underworld, The Wombats, Girl Talk, Soulwax/2 Many DJs, Flight of the Conchords, Hall & Oates, Howard Stern, Stephen Lynch, Louis CK, Too Much Joy, Phoenix and Mark Ronson.

I also have to thank some people who gave me support throughout the production of this issue, beginning with my beautiful wife. My kids had little to do with it, except insofar as their birth has allowed me to leave my job and given me time to work on the zine. Superstar Garett Holden did some gorgeous illustrations as well as the covers. If this zine were ever to hire anyone, he would be the only one. I would also overpay and underwork him because I bet it would produce incredible results. I can’t thank G enough, so I gave him the back cover and I encourage you to join his Facebook group called Beyond the White Wall. I also have to thank everyone who pledged on Kickstarter.com. They made the printing of this zine possible. Without them, this would not be on paper.

My friend Kurt Marquart did the illustration for “Beating the Horse That Has Already Died,” as a favor to me. He rocks. Superpal Katie Kretschmer is my favorite proofreader because she corrects without being critical and my cousin David S. Wallens also gave me a very late proofread. Peter Lopez gives me hope for humanity because he is a good person and he deserves to be happy. I have to thank him for being a friend that I can always count on, even for tech support. My in-laws, Tom and Leslie, were insanely generous in their financial and emotional support. I would like to thank everyone who has ever sent me a nice letter or e-mail including longtime penpals like Emersøn Damerøn, Meagan Bernabe (who will publish me in Geek Out and is hooking me up with Don Swayze!), Nikki Coles, Conan Neutron and the great Clint Johns, who I have always considered the first fan of Negative Capability. It was his idea to carry NegCap in Tower Records (RIP) in 1998 and that single decision had such a huge impact on my confidence (and distribution) that I feel like thanking him until my tongue is swollen.