A paper zine for people who hate people.

Never Coming in Negative Capability

Training A Come Butler
I Love Meat Slurry
Things I’ve Stolen from My Employer
My Meth Lab: A Photo Essay
I Am Losing My Hair and I Can’t Get It Up
Christ is My Personal Savior
Don’t You Hate When People Ask and Answer Their Own Pointless and Inane Questions? I Sure Do!
Crimes I’ve Committed But Never Been Caught
My Gay Experiences
The Compromises I Make to Get By
Smegma is Just the Appetizer
My Loving Family
Stealing Mail is Fun
Your Kid is Much Cuter Than Mine
Rehab Worked for Me and I Am Clean
W.: Great President or The Greatest President?
Deepthroating a Vending Machine Slim Jim at a NJ Truck Stop in Exchange for Blowjobs on Demand (Pictorial)
Friendly Monsters: Are they monsters who are friendly or friendly people who are secretly monsters?
I Met A Great Guy in Jail
How to Smuggle Illegal Drugs