Negative Capability

Setting the World on Fire

Negative Capability

Setting the World on Fire

Table of Contents

Manifesto or, What's Your Point?
(Laying out my intentions and it’s still true)

Let Me Warn You: Most of You Are Stupid
(A very cruel grammar guide)

Something for Nothing, Almost
(The first contest, include a “guess the owner of the mystery boobs” featuring Liz Taylor’s ample melons)

My Best Friend Is A Junkie!
(The story is only available in the PDF, but for the web version I have posted a few YouTube videos of junkies from the movie the Junkie was in)

I Enjoy Being a Girl or, Sensitivity Corner
(The gayest thing I’ve every done, culminating with a poem about the dreams of my stuffed animals)

Lit. Majors Can Kiss My Ass
(I was a Lit. Major with a minor in Irony)

Are You Ready for Marriage?
(A not-very-serious quiz about your compatibility and the timing of your nuptials from a guy about to get married)

More Savant Than Idiot
(My experiences on the canceled MTV game show Idiot Savants where I played against the now famous Joel Stein of Time Magazine and kicked his ass four out of five days) This is now available for download as a free PDF, enhanced with some spot colors just for fun. Click here to download it.

Isn’t That Embarrassing?
(Famous people in very bad situations, including David Duchovny wearing a teacup over his tiny package and Hitler in shorts)

Just to Prove a Point
(Beginning my tradition of using pictures of myself in my zine, this time to prove that I was not a total mutant dispatching hate from a cave somewhere in rural England)

The Secret Connection Between Spinal Tap and New York City
(There is a connection but it's pretty obscure)

My Life as a Pedophile/Bisexual/Fitness Instructor/Porn Star
(My adventures catfishing on AOL in the early years, developing a weird but fascinating relationship with a very bright young girl, goofing on a lot of stupid, horny men, and trying to get free porn out of one very articulate English porn star named Nici Sterling)

The Eighth and Ninth Circles of Hell
(The vicious hate that amuses angry boys, this time as a list of the most despicable things humanity has to offer)

Cover This
(reviews of many CDs, but only cover songs and tribute albums)

How to Cope with Assholes
(I still get angry mail about this, but who the fuck cares about what a bunch of whining dicks think? If the asshole fits, wear it)

How You Know They’re 100% Wrong
(My first dig at religious wackos)

(My first attempt at making my zine into American Lawyer)

Got Junk?
(My first ad parody, substituting a needle for a cumstache like in the real ads; oddly, no one ever noticed that the needle was thick and blunt because it was a needle from my vet used to get medicine into my pet rat's mouth)

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