Negative Capability

Subway Inferno

Negative Capability

Subway Inferno

Table of Contents

This didn't actually make the print edition though they appear here to spur sales, so take a hint.

Where I bring you up to date, say some provocative shit and then show you my old building in NYC and the view from our new apartment in San Francisco.

While I am working on an issue, I keep a running list of people that I need to thank. This is the list for NegCap #3.

Losing the Erection / Wall of Bravery / Short Refractory Period
The answers to the last contest, the winners of the last contest and the new contest, respectively.

Nuts from My Male Sac
This piece features letters from regular readers, friends and others, including a brand new letter for Bok Choy the channeling Chicken where she contacts Bruce Lee.

The Importance of Defining Your Terms & Origin of the Feces
I explain some inside jokes and then make some shit jokes.

My Wife's Mini-Rant™
My wife is the funniest guy in the world though she is funniest when she isn't trying.

Origin of the Feces / The Importance of Defining Your Terms
Some shit-adjacent jokes / A short piece inspired by the book of the same name

A Guest Mini-Rant™ by Shnish
My friend the Rocket (aka Shnish) decides to share some of her anger.

Angerboy’s Sick and Wrong Jokes
My little monkey Angerboy shares with you some of the many ideas that make most people very, very upset, and then makes jokes about them.

OCD? Not Me!
A funny list of names that I didn't use for my zine.

Bill Hicks is Dead
I have loved comedian Bill Hicks for a long time. I tried to write a tribute many times and when I finally did it, I published it here.

Greg Rail is My Friend
While I was on the subject of death, I thought about a close friend from college who died tragically. I still miss him.

The Only Live Review I'll Ever Write
A very personal story of attending a show called Music Against Brain Degeneration which featured two of my favorites: Cornelius and Roybn Hitchcock. This story has saved me from writing about any show since, so we should all be grateful I got out of the game when I did.

How to Visit NYC (without pissing me off)
Our centerfold story, including tips, hints, massive amounts of verbal abuse and three full days worth of travel ideas for visiting the coolest city in the world. I think almost every place that I mentioned is out of business now, so it's a time capsule.

Bill Hicks is Dead & Greg Rail is My Friend
Tributes to my favorite comedian and my college friend who passed away a long time ago.

My Wife’s Brand-Fucking-New Mini-Rant™
This time, she’s pissed off about some movies.

The Flicker of the Idiot Box
Video reviews of Tom Green, Radiohead, Concrete TV, Dwarf Porno, Jerry Springer, Robyn Hitchcock & Wham!, Rainbow Brite, America’s Dumbest Criminals, Pranks! and many more; plus I discovered where my friend Lurky is from.

How You Know They’re 100% Wrong
I ridicule intolerant religious fucks.

Never Coming In Negative Capability
Where I list a bunch of the stories that I will never write or run in Neg Cap because they’re so fucking ridiculous. Stories include: Sucking Cock for Fun and Profit, Recipes for Venison Sushi, A Tribute to Bill Gates and dozens more. A new edition is in NegCap #5.

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