A paper zine for people who hate people.

Table of Contents

The Pinnacle of Cynical [editorial that brings you up to date]
On Breeding (in 2 parts):
Dumber Than a Dog and My Name is Not Nick [since the last issue I had 2 kids]
Did You Know????? [true facts that will delight and amuse]
Callback [inside jokes]
The Greatest Movies You've Never Seen [my survey of some great unknown movies]
The Dickstein Chronicles: Our Love Was a Living Thing and I Killed It [my friend John Dickstein sends me crazy letters about his messed up life and I put it all together into a cohesive narrative]
Putting on a Tit Show [a discussion about how seeing cleavage can help you live longer]
Are You Homophobic? [a very funny quiz that can help you identify your own sexuality]
Menage a Mini-Rant™ [all-new Mini-Rants™ from me, my wife and our friend Natasha]
Beating the Horse that Has Already Died [settling scores and beating down the deserving]
Karoshi: Book 2 [detailing my horrible work experiences]
Fuck Rick Springfield [Seriously. Fuck him.]
A.D.D. Movie Reviews [very short reviews of movies, there's a sample in the video]
How to Jew a Dime Out of a Nickel: A Public Service (it's ok, I am Jewish, it's a humor zine, remember?) [a very useful article about how to make your money go further]
Robbing Charity [an essay wherein I admit things that most people would afraid to think, much less print in a zine]
Novel Ambitions [a few chapters of a novel, a short story and the literary analysis]
A Chat with My Bro [a funny chat with my older brother Ben]
Reader Mail (the best 2 letters I got in the last 5 years)
Plus Lots More

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