A paper zine for people who hate people.

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Manhattan Montage NYC My business where I turn your pictures, videos, text and animation and make it into a unique DVD montage for any occasion. It's awesome, so check it out!

Garett Holden Photographer, retoucher, artist, renaissance man and smoker. He is the genius that did almost all the work for the Kickstarter video and did an original illustration based on my shitty sketch that was better than I could've imagined. Sadly he got a job at Twitter and moved to Paris, so bon voyage, bro.

Peter Lopez My friend who should update his personal web site as well as his work web site, brooklyntechguy.com

Saitz.com My brother Ben's blog about whatever he's into these days. He used to work at google, is into solar panels, tracks his exercise and is the mayor of a Starbucks in California on Foursquare.

Concrete TV My friend Ron Rocheleau has been doing this public access show for a very long time and he's finally making some new episodes. His old episodes are available in a DVD boxed set that is well worth the money and there are free samples on his site and on YouTube, though the censors took down a few clips that show too much ass crack.

Kickstarter This is a great idea. The site was made so that creative people can find people to back their creative projects. When I discovered this site, I knew it would be perfect for me to use to raise funds to print Negative Capability #5. I spent weeks on a video and with almost a month left, I raised enough funds to print the issue. So, without them, there would not be a Negative Capability #5 coming out.

Spreading Santorum In an effort to keep this fucking asshole Rick Santorum from ever achieving higher office I am adding this link so that whenever someone googles him, they will find out that his name is a neologism for a vile byproduct of lube and feces that is produced during anal sex. That's what Rick Santorum is all about, feces and lube coming out of your ass.

Yes, that is a topless Sharon Stone. I reward people who come to my site with nude pics of celebrities. :-D