A paper zine for people who hate people.

All Stories Have to Start Somewhere

This issue was something I felt I had to write and unleash on the world, not only because I am spiteful but also because I was deathly afraid that I was going to die and have nothing to show for it. Born of my own frustration and the sad fact that no one else was interested in publishing what I had to say, I decided that I was allowed to do it all myself. I already had the computer, the writing and the ideas, but putting it all into a tangible, accessible form was more difficult than I had anticipated. This area of the site will serve as a museum for this debut issue and there are some things that will never make it to the web.

The oldest piece in this issue dates back to 1991, but most of this issue was written from 1996-1997 and was published from New York City in 1998.