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What Do Being in Spinal Tap and Living In New York City Have In Common?

More Than You Think...

Oh, sure, you’ve heard it all before, but follow me for a second, the coincidences are just eerie. In New York City, as in Spinal Tap, everyone has a bad accent. Also, things keep breaking down, yet the whole thing continues, despite major catastrophes [i.e. Tap had the Stonehenge debacle, NYC had the World Trade Center bombing, both disasters relating to huge tourist attractions].

In New York City, as in Tap, no one really gets along, there is always an undercurrent of hostility. In both, people are dressed poorly, have bad hair, and do not take care of themselves very well. Also, both New York and Tap keep losing people to strange deaths, and for some reason, the surviving members are unaffected by the loss, because they know someone new will come along any minute.

Both New York City and Spinal Tap have each been featured in their own episode of The Simpsons. Is it a coincidence that in both Tap and NYC, the volume of people, cars, drugs, total wackos, and most importantly, noise, are all cranked up to eleven? No, of course not.

And, here is the most shocking one of all: when my mother was in high school, she dated Michael McKean (my mom has the yearbook to prove it), lead singer of Spinal Tap, and he could have been my own father, and right now, as you read this, I AM LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY!!!