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More Savant Than Idiot (with special bonus videos!)

This article is available as a downloadable PDF, so click here to download the whole story, with color-accented pictures.

Thanks to YouTube and my video editing skills, you can now view my appearance on Idiot Savants. First up is Day 2 of the competition. Scott edged ahead of me on Day 1 and went on to the Grand Savant Round, where you are asked very difficult questions in your "savant" category. Scott's was Madonna, mine was Ridley Scott movies and Joel's was the TV show Taxi. Click here to watch the video of me, Scott and Sara on Day 2.

On the show the next day, something very interesting happened to me in this short clip that you can view by clicking here.

On the 5th day of the show, they bring back the two players with the highest score, added up from all 4 of the previous days. Then they have both contestants square off in what is called the Double Grand Savant Round. You can view mine by clicking here.

As you can read in the story, one of my fellow contestants was Joel Stein, who was the sports editor for Time Out New York at the time, but now writes for the LA Times and Time Magazine. He completely bombed the first 3 days he was on the show, ringing in at the wrong time, misunderstanding the questions and generally coming across as a goofball. On the Thursday show, the rest of us decided to let him answer the first question by himself in order to make something funny happen and also to give him a chance. Joel was very smart offstage, but froze up when the cameras were on, which is funny because now he makes a living being a talking head for E! and VH1. Anyway, you can watch Joel's shining moment by clicking here.