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Sosumi: The Tasmanian Devil

I read this rather disturbing story about Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has full rights over the name “Tasmanian Devil” and not even the people of Tasmania are allowed to use it; even though the animal is a native of their land. Tasmanian officials are currently negotiating with the [evil] U.S. entertainment company and hope to reach an agreement.

In order to show my opinion of this situation, here is a photo of an actual Tasmanian Devil, not some ugly, retarded cliche thought up by a soulless corporation to sell plastic crap to a dopey public. This picture was taken in the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, by me, and I own the fucking copyright in perpetuity, so EAT ME.

Web Bonus Info: The Tasmanian devil is a very unpleasant animal and when I saw them in person, they looked like big, angry rats. They growled and screeched at each other and in a documentary I saw about them, there was a whole group of them fighting over some dead animal that they were eating. It was pretty gross, but then again, I don’t like to fight with rats to eat dead things.

If you want to know what “Sosumi” means, please click here.